Therapist in Los Angeles & Costa Mesa

David Di Sano provides therapy for anxiety, life crisis, substance abuse, and more. Read below to better understand David’s view of matters you may find important, and how therapy may assist those working through such matters. Feel free to contact us for a therapy appointment in Los Angeles or Costa Mesa.


anxiety Therapy

Anxiety is an opportunity to explore our unconscious responses to the world around us…It's a problem when it starts impeding your ability to progress or live optimally…Analysis and depth work seeks to address the unconscious process that brings about the anxiety…[Y]ou can't solve an anxiety in a way that prevents it from coming back until you start doing work to address the cause of the anxiety.

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Mid-life/Quarter-life Crisis therapy

Jung talked about midlife crises as happening in the mid-to-late 30s until the early 40s…It may be as simple as feeling a little lackluster…Break things down into small pieces to create new perspective and avoid overwhelming yourself…Something does not have to be what we think of as a crisis to need addressing. It's better that it's not, that it hasn't gotten to that level…It may bring consciousness to how other aspects of our self are neglected and how we only lived part of our lives or part of our potential.

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pre-marital counseling

Help improve communication skills. It can provide a way to plan of action if/when problems arise during the marriage…People may experience a better understanding of how they engage with their partner in non-sexual intimate experiences… It may also help understand, and possibly accept, how each person prefers dealing with conflict.

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