Los Angeles and Costa Mesa Clinical Supervision

What is clinical supervision?

Quality Clinical Supervision could be described as the ability to form a supportive relationship with the associate, relaying relevant knowledge/clinical skills, exhibiting a commitment to the process, and displaying active/attentive listening throughout the training. It is a highly valuable didactic experience in which an associate can develop ones skill set to become a more informed, competent, confident, creative, flexible, and humble practitioner.

Are you a clinical supervisor?

I’m licensed by the California licensing board, Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS). I happily offer supervision services to those seeking them.

How do you approach psychotherapy supervision for associates and interns?

I find that this process is as much about learning how to effectively approach and work with clients/patients as it is about how YOU, the clinical practitioner, becomes more conscious of your own professional process, your strengths and deficiencies. Awareness and ease in acknowledging and working with the counter-transferential exchange, is paramount in more effectively utilizing your academic and experiential knowledge. Thus, I typically focus my approach on this exchange and your process in the consulting room. My approach and philosophy are heavily influenced by Carl Jung and his approach of individuation through consciousness and wholeness. I have found that many of my interns greatly appreciate this deliberate and gradual process that fosters and develops their therapeutic intuition and psychological knowledge