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Depth psychology.

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Carl jung

Analytical psychology, also known as Jungian psychology, focuses on the importance of the individual and the personal quest for wellness. This discipline and field of thought is based on the ideas of Carl Jung.

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Jung-Inspired Therapy

By focusing on deep reflection and analysis, we uncover greater awareness and the unconscious process that leads to a next level of enlightenment, the Self.

David Di Sano offers Jung-inspired therapy and analysis services in both Costa Mesa and Los Angeles.

why is Jungian analysis unique?

While Jungian analysis takes into account the impact of our childhood and past, it also looks forward and asks: What psychological development is now called for?

It enlists the power of symbols to connect conscious and unconscious. These symbols may arise from a variety of sources, including dreams, fantasies, art and the everyday events of our lives.

It views the unconscious as a source of wisdom, creativity and direction.

Read more from the New York Association for Analytical Psychology.

should you try jungian therapy?

‘Jungian therapy is a specialized form of psychotherapy that aims to facilitate the psychic integrity of the person by reaching an “agreement” with our unconscious.’

This approach is particularly helpful when feeling :

  • discouraged, apathetic, and uncertain;

  • angry or frustrated with something despite not understanding why;

  • lost or stuck

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Evidence for the Effectiveness of Jungian Psychotherapy

Published by Christian Roesler, this 2013 Review of Empirical Studies, from San Francisco, California to Constance, Germany, includes several notable points:

  • Jungian clients reduce health care utilization to a level even below the average of the total population

  • Jungian psychotherapy has reached the point where it can be called an empirically proven, effective method

Read more at National Center for Biotechnology Information.

why take a Jung-inspired approach?

Interview with David A. Di Sano, LMFT

Depth psychology pays special attention to the the fact that we're not simply logical beings. That we're both religious and rational, comprised of both logos and eros. Jung took a very comprehensive approach to human psychology by paying attention to the soul and the mind–there's a great appreciation for both.

As a scientist, doctor/psychiatrist, Jung appreciated and realized the limitations of the scientific approach. He understood there was only so much that reason and logic could answer. Many psychologist, including his contemporaries as noteworthy Adler and Freud, take a mind–first approach. Jung realized that the root is from the Greek soul.

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